Project 333: Everything’s black

I spent a good few, happy hours over the weekend, clearing out my wardrobe in a bid to reach the target 33 items. I don’t have that many clothes compared to many women, but I still found it tough.Tough, but satisfying. I was as brutally honest as I could be with myself. About what I actually wear, compared to what I think I wear. I said goodbye to some fairly newly bought items, too. That surprised me.

There’s still stuff in the wash (we’re plodding through the Christmas backlog) that will need factoring in to the final edit, so I’m not quite done yet, but my wardrobe is looking pretty damn sparse now. And dark.

Everything’s kind of black… Or grey. I do wear a lot of black and grey, but seeing it like that, it looks dismally monotone. Things could still lighten up, with the next wash load or two. I’m sure I’ve got some lights and colours somewhere… It’s all making me want to run out and buy something yellow. I’m not sure that fits with the 333 concept. It’s about streamlining your wardrobe, yes, but it’s also about the not shopping. The taking a step back from consumerism. The doing something more productive with that time. The needing less money.

But I really want to buy myself something yellow!


One thought on “Project 333: Everything’s black

  1. Visiting your blog and I LOVE it as well. We’re trying to do a lot of similar things. I’ve taken up streamlining my things as well as rediscovering my love of crocheting. I can tell you I’ve tried and failed at nanowrimo several times, so blogging has become my writing fix. In terms of wardrobe, I wish I was someone who could pull of a black and grey wardrobe, but I just don’t have the complexion! It’s dreadfully difficult figuring out a capsule wardrobe when I’m washed out by both black and white 😛 Attempting to make one with reds and oranges, and experimenting with blue as a complementary color. We’ll see…

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