Blue Sky Thinking

Hubby and I are progressing very nicely through our initial 10 minutes for 10 days of meditation with the Headspace app. Slight hiccup last night. I’d sort of forgotten to factor it in to what time we headed to bed last night (we’ve fallen into the habit of doing it at bedtime), and hubby had an early start, so put his foot down and declared it too late to be “arsing about”. As a result, I meditated alone last night. It was a shame he missed it (I’m hoping he’ll catch up today), ’cause it was a good one.

It introduced the idea of the mind as a sky, with clouds being thoughts. A happy mind is a blue sky with the occasional cute, fluffy cloud-thought floating peacefully by. Sometimes, though, we get a bit more mind weather. A few dark clouds, the odd thunderstorm that stays stubbornly overhead instead of passing over… But the blue sky is always there, above the storm. It never goes away.  It just gets obscured. Last night’s meditation focussed on just being aware that the blue sky is always there – not necessarily trying to find it – just knowing it’s there. Nice bit of imagery, isn’t it?


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